Pride of Guernsey 2019

This was a huge shock and a huge honour to receive a phone call from the Guernsey Press to say that the teachers at KD Dance had been nominated for the Pride of Guernsey ……. it’s not often I’m rendered speechless ? 

Having opened KD Dance (formerly known as The Karen Dempsey School of Dance) in 1993 it has always been my extended family, from teaching Luke from a young age and guiding him to become a fully qualified teacher at the school, along with Charlotte joining us and becoming a valued member of our teaching team too. Many parents will know how much we care for all our students who pass through our doors, their well-rounded dance training and overall well-being is hugely important to us. Often keeping in touch well beyond their time with the school and teaching their children too!

Thank you so much for this nomination, we are all very grateful and genuinely shocked! 

Our values have remained the same since opening our doors in 1993…….”every child counts”.



Acrobatic Arts Exams

 Huge Congratulations to all our Acrobatic Arts students who took part in the first EVER Acrobatic Arts exams held in Guernsey recently. We are absolutely delighted for you ALL ?

Having introduced the Acrobatic Arts programme to KD Dance just over two years ago, it has gone from strength to strength. Based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in the five divisions of Acrodance: flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling. It takes the Pre-School level dancer from log rolls through to the advanced dancer effortlessly tumbling across the stage.

All our Acrobatic Arts students attend either a weekly ballet or modern class which is a pre-requisite to the programme and ensures that the beautiful fusion of classical dance training with the precision and athleticism of acrodance is developed correctly. Acro dancers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, line and extension with acrobatic movements in a dance context.

To find out more about our classes, simply get in contact by emailing
Sign up for our popular “7 Day Class Pass” which is our gift to your future dancer to help them find the class that is suitable for them.

KD Dance………where every child counts ?


Guernsey Festival of Dance 2019

The 2019 Guernsey Festival of Dance has come to an end and we cannot express the amount of pride we have in all our students who took to the stage during the past week. Each and every one of them has danced their hearts out. The support that they have shown for one another and all the schools taking part has been exemplary. Our ethos is certainly strong within our students and their sheer enjoyment has been so lovely to witness.

A huge thank you to all our parents, carers, chaperones, ushers and to all those that have helped in anyway. Your help and support is invaluable and we are so grateful for all you do throughout each year.

A final thank you must go to the fabulous teachers we have at KD Dance, Miss Karen, Mr Luke and Miss Charlotte, who have trained the students to such a high level and helped those taking their first steps onto stage too.

A special mention to all our dancers who took to the stage……..such wonderful comments from the adjudicator on your performances, the clever use of choreography and costumes.

Miss Karen, Mr Luke and Miss Charlotte are so proud of each and everyone of you!

You can see for yourselves below that we had some fantastic results!

Beatrice Wilson was awarded the Marilyn Fisher Trophy for Song & Dance ?

1st Places ?:
Under 13 Years National Group – Danish
Beatrice Wilson – Song & Dance
Amelia Davison-LeVote – Under 7 Yrs Song & Dance
Laci Morton – National “French”
Ida Stewart – Character Ballet
Katherine Luxon – Song & Dance


2nd Places ?:
Under 9 Years Modern Group – Autumn
Under 20 Years National Group – Czech Polka
Under 20 Yrs Trios/Quartets – Lucy Mauger, Olivia Thompson & Elainer Laine
Under 13 Years Tap Group – Pit Stop
Under 13 Years Duets – Connor & Lauren Gardner
Under 13 Years Trios/Quartets – Josh Ogier, Harry Gill & Alex Le Lerre
Beatrice Wilson – Classical Ballet
Amelia Davison-LeVote – Pre-Primary Ballet
Katherine Luxon – Character Ballet
Josh Ogier – Tap
Katherine Luxon – National “Russian”
Beatrice Wilson – Tap
Beatrice Wilson – Character Ballet

3rd Places ?:
Under 9 Years Ballet Group – Poppins
Under 9 Years Tap Group – No Worries
Under 13 Years Song & Dance Group – Consider Yourself
Under 13 Years Trios/Quartets – Amelia Davison-LeVote, Anna Douglas & Amelia Robins
Under 13 Years Duets – Ronni Mollet & Beatrice Wilson
Under 13 Years Trios/Quartets – Laci Morton, Chloe Le Lievre, Eleanor Luxon & Ida Stewart
Under 13 Years Trios/Quartets – Hannah Gardner, Katherine Luxon, Amy Adams & Grace Ogier
Phoebe Smart – Tap
Zara Smart – Song & Dance
Eleanor Luxon – Song & Dance
Ella Rowlinson _ Under 7 Yrs Song & Dance
Grace Ogier – National “Dutch”

4th Places ?:
Under 13 Years Modern – Sea Storm
Lily-Ella O’Brien – Character
Josh Ogier & Caitlyn Tostevin – Under 13 Yrs Duets
Katherine Luxon – Modern
Hannah Gardner – Modern
Katherine Luxon – Tap

Jersey Eisteddfod 2018

At the end of November a troupe of KD Dancers travelled to Jersey to compete in the Jersey Dance Eisteddfod 2018.

All the dancers performed beautifully and with such maturity and we had many successes.

We had competitors in Character Ballet, Jazz and Tap, National Dance, Classical Ballet, Acro, Lyrical & Contemporary Dance and Song and Dance.

And massive congratulations to Beatrice who was part of the Gala evening performance.

We are so proud of all the dancers that took part!

KD Dance is officially 25 Years Old!

KD Dance is officially 25 Years old and proud of all it has achieved…….formerly known as The Karen Dempsey School of Dance.

During it’s 25 years teaching dance in the island, the school has constantly evolved, using new syllabi, adopting innovative teaching techniques and constantly keeping abreast of the very latest information from the world of dance. All teachers regularly attend courses maintaining excellent continued professional development which they are then able to pass onto the students at the school.


If you haven’t already, take a read of this article from an interview with Islandmums, who KD Dance are now delighted to be a part of.

KD Dance Summer School 2018

August 2018 saw lots of Island dancers taking part in our Summer School.

In just one week the dancers experienced Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Street, Contemporary and Cheer.

With the help of our fantastic team of tutors, Charis Holdsworth, Melanie Simpson, Aoife Barry and Luke Smith, everyone had an amazing time.

The week ended with a fantastic array of pieces performed to parents & family, showing off lots of new skills learnt.

We can’t wait for next year’s!